Worm Food

Foods and Materials [to Use and Avoid] in a Worm Bin

Acceptable Food Scrap Donations

Fruit & Vegetable Scraps, Stems, Peels

[raw veggies only]

Egg Shells [put eggshells in their own container]

[powder in a blender – handful in your bin monthly]

Grains, Cereals, Bread, Corn Meal

[uncooked][minimal – mix with fruit/veggie waste]

** Beans, Pasta  [exception - should be cooked]

[sm quantities best mixed w/fruits/veggies]

Coffee Grounds & Filter [put in own container]

[mix w/fruits/veggies][can be too acidic alone]

Tea Bags (remove any tags)

Hair, Dryer Lint, Vacuum Cleaner Dust

Torn up cotton t-shirts

Shredded Newspaper

[no glossy color print] and Cardboard [bedding materials]

Paper Towels, Toilet Paper Rolls and Napkins

[use in bedding materials - soak in water to break down]

NO Magnolia  or Eucalyptus leaves - NO needles of pine, fir or cedar trees

– these can kill your worms! NO Walnut tree leaves – leaves contain tannins

that can make redworms sick!


THESE ARE ALL OK: [redworms love sweet stuff – no candy, though! ]

Pumpkins [especially when the holidays are upon us and many of you get pumpkins for your porches, PLEASE don’t toss them out – give them to your redworms]


Cantelope Rind
Mango Skin [and seed]
Banana Peel
Avocado Skin [and seed]
Papaya [and seeds]





NO Meat, poultry, seafood, bones

NO Dairy products (butter, sour cream, whole eggs, cheese)

NO Oily or Salty Foods (Peanut Butter)

NO Acidic Foods (Pineapple)

NO Sauces or Processed Foods

NO Citrus (Lemon, Lime, Orange)

NO Onions & Garlic

NO Spicy Foods & Chili Peppers (Jalapeños)

NO Plant or Grass That has Been Sprayed with Pesticides

NO Poisonous Plants

NO Glossy Paper or with Colored Ink

NO Soap

NO Glass, Plastic, Tin Foil, Metal
NO Dog, Cat or Human Waste


Redworms Love Corrugated Cardboard


Do Composting Worms Like Pumpkin? Of course!




NOTE: If you plan to use manures [horse, cow, rabbit, llama, goat, chicken etc] – be sure to pre-compost it as some manures can be too hot [esp. chicken [lots of ammonia, too] for a small bin – safer for a larger, outdoor bin.  Put in test area of bin first to be sure it can cool off, first. The worms will know when to 
get at it..


DO NOT FEED YOUR REDWORMS Anything That is Not Biodegradable. 
It will not be digested - could be harmful to your worms.

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