The Easy Vermicomposting Course

The Easy Vermicomposting Course
Worm Composting Mastery from the Ground Up

This is an online course + membership community designed to help people master the fundamentals of vermicomposting...and beyond. In its present form (which will continue to evolve as you'll learn below) it consists of a 15-part audio series along with additional helpful resources.

Lesson 1 – Vermicomposting 101 -You’ll be introduced to the topic of vermicomposting, why it’s so special, and just generally, the sort of mentality (and habits) required in order to be successful at it.
Lesson 2 – Vermicomposting Requirements – It doesn’t get any more “fundamental” than this. If you can meet all the requirements of the process
(and let’s face it – these are primarily requirements of the worms), you are certainly well on our way to successful vermicomposting.

Lesson 3 – Vermicomposting Hazards – Of course, avoiding the hazards is every bit as important!
Lesson 4 – Bentley’s Golden Rules of Vermicomposting – I’m actually not a big fan of “rules”, but if you’re looking for a list of my KEY recommendations this would be it!
Lesson 5 – The System – An Overview – This is more than just the “worm bin” you choose – it’s all the various components that tie together to create a cohesive whole.
Lesson 6 – System “Structure” – Here’s where you learn about the main protective elements of a vermicomposting system (and yes, your bins/beds/bags etc are prime examples).
Lesson 7 – Food – Composting worms will eat virtually ANY organic waste depending on how it’s handled – but that doesn’t mean every scrap of organic matter is ideal for your vermicomposting systems!
Lesson 8 – Bedding – Apart from sustenance, the worms need materials that
will help to create a high quality habitat, and just generally help to keep things balanced. Ignore or even under-utilize this system-component and you’ll likely be left wondering why vermicomposting is so frustrating!

Lesson 9 – Optimization – Give the worms (and microbes) what they need, and you’ll be rewarded with fast, effective vermicomposting, and a higher quality
end product!

Lesson 10 – Worms – The rumor is true…you DO indeed need worms to vermicompost (just don’t go digging them out of your garden)! lol
Lesson 11 – Compost Ecosystem – The worms may get the lion’s share of the glory, but it’s important to remember that there are MANY other important organisms at work in your vermicomposting system.
Lesson 12 – Setting up a Vermicomposting System – It’s not “rocket science”, but there are still quite a few things to keep in mind when setting up a vermicomposting system.
Lesson 13 – Ongoing Maintenance – Everybody seems so focused on setting
up vermicomposting systems that this topic often ends up being swept under the carpet. Learn this material well and your chances of having long-term vermicomposting success will certainly increase.

Lesson 14 – Harvesting – For a lot of people, it’s the thought of producing
“black gold” for their garden that get’s them excited about vermicomposting (and understandably so)! This lesson will help you determine WHEN it’s time
to harvest, and HOW to do it.

Lesson 15 – Troubleshooting – After you’ve been through the rest of the course, troubleshooting should be child’s play, but this lesson – bare minimum – should at least serve as a valuable review of key concepts!


The "Secret Formula" for Effective Vermicomposting

At the top of this page I mentioned a "formula for effective vermicomposting". It is literally the foundation upon which the Easy Vermicomposting Course is built. It's also where everyone with an interest in this field should begin.

Drum roll please...

Give the worms what they need
Avoid the things that harm or impede

Sounds utterly simplistic, I know. But you'd be amazed by how few people follow these simple guidelines.


"Fundamentals" ≠ "Newbie Stuff"

Most experienced vermicomposters ASSUME they've mastered the fundamentals. After all they've experienced some success. They've stood the test of time. They've managed to avoid killing off their worms.   Yet time and time again I meet people with 5, 10, even 20 years of experience making some of the same basic errors as brand new vermicomposters!


To this day, the process of vermicomposting never ceases to amaze me! Taking what many people think of as "garbage" and not only dealing with it

in an environmentally-friendly way, but actually creating something ABSOLUTELY phenomenal. If that's not a form of alchemy, I don't know what is!

And I'm not the only one who has been wowed by the amazing potential of the field! Even world-renowned vermicomposting expert - and one of my main mentors - Dr. Clive Edwards, shared some similar sentiments in an email he sent to me

(and yes, I made sure he was ok with me sharing what he said publicly).

    "...almost magic"

"Vermicompost 'teas' are almost magic. I had about 50 lbs. of cherry tomatoes from four plants in my garden this summer."

    ~ Dr Clive Edwards - Ohio State University

Keep in mind - this is a hardened scientist, with nearly 400 academic research papers to his name. Not the sort of person you'd EVER expect to say something like that!
(What's funny is that before Dr. Edwards and his team of researchers at OSU conducted their trials, he was a serious vermicompost tea skeptic - as expressed in a "Castings Call" interview )

Here's a small Sampling of the Things You'll Discover Inside...

The "7 Habits/Traits of Highly Effective Vermicomposters"

3 very important (yet very simple) worm-food guidelines that can save you a LOT of grief.

What organism is most likely to harm your worms and impede your progress (Hint - It's NOT moles, ants or predatory flatworms).

The two KEY stages of vermicomposting, and why each is so important.

10+ effective strategies for speeding up the vermicomposting process and creating higher quality vermicompost (a.k.a "castings").

How to assess the state of your vermicomposting system in 10 seconds or less.

The "Troubleshooting Triad", and how it can help you bounce back from many (if not most) worm bin challenges.

...And What You'll Get When You Sign-Up

Immediate access to...

The 15-Part Easy Vermicomposting Audio Series (already offering nearly 11 hours of top-notch vermicomposting content!)

The Easy Vermicomposting interactive members area. Each audio lesson has its own individual page inside the members area where you will find additional learning resources (links to related content, photos), and a comments section where you can ask lesson-specific questions

The Easy Vermicomposting Private Member's Forum. Learn even more about vermicomposting and get to know your fellow Easy Vermicomposting community members!

(Well, OK - it may take you several minutes to get fully registered! lol)

Free updates FOR LIFE (and there will definitely be plenty more coming your way!)

VIP (Expedited) E-mail Support

Easy Vermicomposting Affiliate Program - All customers are more than welcome to promote the course and earn 50% commissions on every sale made. I only want people who are familiar with (and passionate about) the course/membership to promote it, so this program is only available to customers.

"Really getting a lot out of this course..."

"Really getting a lot out of this course, I can listen while I cook and I digest the info much more thoroughly this way as I can can relisten, You clearly have a wealth of experience and present it in a way that makes it all feel very do-able. Sometimes the spoken word is much better at getting a point across than the written word, and I really enjoy that you don't take yourself too seriously and that makes it FUN to listen!"

~ Don A. - Los Angeles CA

"...well organized, in-depth information source..."

"There is a lot of information out there - much of it conflicting and incomplete. This is the first well organized, in-depth information source I have come across. I really want to understand how and why vermicomposting works and the science behind it rather than just approach it by trial and error."
~ Kellie Scott - Toronto, Ontario

** The Big Bonuses (Coming Soon) **

Easy Vermicomposting "Light" - A condensed version of the Easy Vermicomposting course. Great for those wanting to learn the most important concepts from the course much more quickly. (and for going back and reviewing the course)

Red Worm Growing Secrets (**NOW AVAILABLE**) - With the assistance of my good friend - and hugely successful large scale worm farmer - George Mingin, I'm putting together and audio program dedicated to helping people grow more (and if desired, BIGGER) Red Worms. A great resource for all those interested in vermiculture!

Written Versions of Each Lesson - YOU asked for it. I'm delivering it! You'll have access to written versions of each lesson in the entire Easy Vermicomposting audio series (I've made good progress with these - and they should be ready early this fall - but please do keep in mind that it has been taking quite a long time to put them together)


60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I stand behind my products 100%, and Easy Vermicomposting is certainly NO exception.

If (for whatever reason) this course does not meet your expectations within 60 days of your purchase - and I am unable to resolve your issues - the fact is, I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY!

I will happily grant you a refund, and we can still be friends!

Before You Order it's Important to Realize That...

These Are E-Resources - A set of cassette tapes will not (I repeat, will NOT) show up at your door! lol

Everything is Globally-Accessible - As long as you have ANY sort of web access, and you're able to make a payment online, you are good to go, regardless of where in the world you are!

This is a One-Time Payment - You will never billed again. You will have access for life. You will have free updates for life.

Good News!  You won't need to invest $100's for your 'rock-solid' vermicomposting education like I did!

Get involved today! Your worms will thank you. Your plants will thank you.

And of course, I'll thank you too! :-)

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