Fresh, Nutrient-Rich Worm Castings @ $30 for a 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket! MINIMUM 5 GAL. ORDER. Castings May Contain Adult, Juvenile and Baby Redworms and Eggs.

Vermicompost Price List:

5 gal - $30 [1 bucket]
10 gal - $55 [2 buckets][$27.50 ea.]
15 gal - $75 [3 buckets][$25.00 ea.]
20 gal - $90 [4 buckets][$22.50 ea.]
25 gal - $100 [5 buckets][$20.00 ea.]

Quantities purchase of more than 5 buckets are no less than $20 per each 5 gal bucket.

Horse Manure is Also a Good Food and Nourishment Source for Redworms. We Have 5 gal. for $5. 15 gal. for $10. Please Bring Your Own 5 gal. Buckets! Cash and Carry and Exact Change, Please. Thank You!!

I live in San Marcos - please email me and let's schedule a time that is convenient for both of us so you can stop by and pick up some castings. Please reply to this ad for detailed driving directions.

Please reply to this ad for pick up times and directions. Also, please try and provide your phone number, if you would, as it makes for much better communication - person to person, so to "speak". 

VERMICOMPOST Created by Your REDWORMS Will Give You a SUPER-GARDEN! Without Harsh Chemicals! It's Organic!

Worm Castings [Vermicompost] are the resulting product or process of composting using red wigglers [REDWORMS], to create a heterogeneous mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials and horse manure. 

We use Homegrown [on-site] Red Wigglers [REDWORMS][Eisenia fetida] only.

If you are interested in talking to me more about the above products, send me an email at