All About Us

I actually started Redworms Rock about three years ago [early 2012] when one of my neighbors came by and handed me a bunch of redworms.  Now, I've been an organic gardener as far back as I can remember, and I knew all about the redworms, but I just never pursued actually raising them. 

Well, am I ever glad I took on the task of starting some worm bins for these cool lil' critters.  They have been nothin' but fun and somethin' I really look forward to doin' when it comes to goin' out and feeding' 'em or takin' out the castings.  They are simply fun to be around.   Not to mention all of the great benefits for the planet and the garden, not to mention the healthier and tastier food.  And, with the clay I got here, these critters are workin' a miracle, know what I mean?

So, here I am, still putterin' around [Mar. 2015]  with these lil' critters and now I have about 20 bins + three wooden flo-thrus and still chuggin' along.  One of th' best things I ever did was put these critters on a horse manure diet... and I ain't looked back since.  Just be sure if you do th' same, let the manure set for awhile if it's fresh and try to find out if the horses have had any worm or antibiotics shots in th' past 3 months. 

If they have, wait a little while [a week or so] before using th' manure - it should still be safe, then. Do keep in mind, though, that I do add vegetable scraps regularly to all th' bins. Just add a little of the manure in one spot and that way, if the worms don't like it, they can move to another spot.  Horse manure helps to give em' a well-balanced diet.  

They like newspaper strips and cardboard, too.  And, don't forget to add powdered eggshells [a handful for an 18 gal bin] monthly. It's not only good to keep th' pH balance but it's good for their reproduction efforts, as well.

A KEY thing to remember: DO NOT OVERFEED YOUR WORMS AND DON'T LET TH' BIN GET TOO WET! Too wet, add some cardboard! Worms leaving' th' bin, pH may be off, just mix in a handful of powdered eggshells.   Another thing, I keep lids on

my bins 24/7 because of Black Soldier Fly larvae and I have had tremendous success. In th' hot, warm weather, I have nylon screening attached with binder clips to th' bins to let th' critters get plenty of fresh air circulation - works maHvelously.

Another good idea is to do like I do and start you a journal [I use Excel] and keep track of every little thing you do with th' worms so that way you have a better chance of not screwin' somethin' up.  For example: I have a column for feeding date, a date for when I added powdered eggshells, th' date i cleaned a bin and a rough estimate of how many worms were in th' bin and a column for comments.  I even have a column for where I can write down if I added worms to a bin - removed castings, etc.

Anyway, I have a lot of fun.  It's pretty easy and simple but there is work to be done.

It can be a set it and forget it situation to a point, but you do have to pay attention and not just turn your back, completely.  They are living creatures, and just like your dog, your cat, your fish, your horse, your cattle, your goat, any animal - they do require some attention and care.  So, just keep your eyes open and don't let your redworms

dry out or starve because you thought it was all so easy. Just care for them.

It depends on th' area/climate you're in, too - so try to learn how to take care of your

redworms according to your geographical location.  Th' red worms are very tolerant of temperature extremes but in real freezin' weather, you might need to devise ways to keep your worms warm - so look for articles written by people in those types of climates.  In real hot weather, which we have been having our share of here in southern California, I jus' make sure I keep all of my bins in th' shade and now and then, spray em' with some nice cold water from th' hose.

I'll write more here as I get th' urge t' do and hope what I have put here will help those of you who have th' passion for these lil' critters as much as I do.  Redworms do Rock!

And, REMEMBER, if you would like to communicate with me directly, just send me an email at and put REDWORM QUESTION in the subject line.  I'll try and answer you quite promptly.  And, I do have the Wordpress blog regularly now - just send an email to: with 'redworms wordpress' in the subject line and i'll send you an invite.